Experimental Design Program

Our Experimental Design Program teaches students how to design and conduct experiments for math and science fairs  utilizing research, laboratory and scientific literacy skills gained through individual and group learning opportunities as well as mentoring. This program improves the quantity and quality of math and science fair projects for students by providing schools with undergraduate students, graduate students and professionals with science, technology engineering and math backgrounds to provide support for math and science fairs.

  • Experimental Design Program Handbook serves as a resource for students and educators in the development of math and science fair projects.
  • Experimental Design Group Mentoring Program   provides middle and high school   students with strategies  to develop their scientific literacy, research and laboratory skills as well as make their projects more competitive at their school, district, regional, and higher-level fairs and competitions. Our Group Mentoring Program in a 6 unit online course for selected students, schools and community organizations.
  • STEM Competition Judging – our volunteers serve as judges for STEM Fairs or STEM competitions that take place at schools, school districts and community organizations. Schools and Community organizations and schools can request our volunteers to serve as judge for their STEM fair or competition by completing our online Educator Request Form at least 6 to 8 weeks prior to the event.