Math and Science Career Academy

SEM Link’s Math and Science Career Academy exposes students to math and science through hands-on activities, real-world applications and career exploration.

  • Career Exploration Activitiesprovides opportunities for schools and community organizations to request individuals to serve as volunteers for career days or panels.
  • Hands-on Science Activities provide opportunities for students to get their hands “dirty” with math and science activities at community events and schools. We also host our own workshops were students will get an opportunity to engage in hands on STEM activities and/or skill development.
  • Science, Technology Engineering and Mathematics Career Fair and Exhibition is our signature annual event at various US Cities, where students are exposed to science, technology, engineering and mathematics careers in an environment similar to a job fair.
  • Teen Science Café Teen Science Cafés are free, fun, out of school events, where teens get an opportunity to talk with local STEM professionals about various STEM topics in a relaxed and informal setting.